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What is the best web platform?

What is the best web platform?

What is the best web platform?

There are endless options out there for web platforms. How do you navigate the never ending offers for web builders and platforms? Here are a few tips below, in the point of view of a brand and a designer.

01. The Brand

Choosing the right platform for your brand and services is absolutely crucial. There are a lot of "bad advice" out there, especially from people who actually do not know the system they are talking about! 

We have tried most of the systems, but we will never be able try them all! Which essentially is a good thing. You dont want to work with a designer who dabbles in all the different platforms - instead you want to work with specialists like us.  Why you say? Well because we take the time to learn the platform we serve and constantly stay up to date. Instead of knowing a little bit about a lot of things, we know a lot about a few platforms. That way we can serve you in the best shape possible. 

From our years of experience we actually settled on two of the biggest and strongest platforms out there (right now). We choose to focus on Wordpress for service based brands and Shopify for ecommerce brands. Both of them serve their relative segment very well, but there are NO perfect system out there. Wordpress has its limitations aswell as Shopify. The same goes for Wix and Squarespace, but we work with the most reliable, strongest and most customisable platforms. 

That doesnt, however, mean we will recommend those two platforms in all cases. Sometimes Squarespace is the better choice for a client. Sometimes Wordpress will not cut it, if you are planning on selling digital products. Shopify wont cut it if you need something extremely tailored to your business. In those cases we will recommend something else. 

To us its important our clients gets the best and most accurate advice. I know a lot of web designers that will just do anything for the work - even if that means, the client will settle on a system thats not ideal for them. Thats really a shame and the client will end up unhappy and most likely, will have to change platform again!

So if you are in doubt, book a call with us. We are happy to offer any advice we can, so that you are sure, you are getting what you and your brand needs.

02. For creatives

 You want to be a web designer or you already are a designer and considering your next move! We are all here for learning new things, systems, software and so on but be mindful of what you can take on. 

Its much better to focus on 1-2 platforms and offer these as your main services. Why? Because you get to niche down and be very specific with the type of client you want to attract. You will be able to speak with them directly, create content and work that will get their attention. More importantly, you can focus on learning and staying up-to-date on a few things, rather than many things. That way you can become the expert in your field. Thats important - both for your clients but also your own confidence. 

Confused as to how you should go about picking the right direction for you and your business? Book a Mentoring call with us and pick our brains for an entire hour.

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