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The Web Questionnaire


Do you want to create website designs that truly connect with your clients? The key is asking the right questions. That's why we've created "The Ultimate Questionnaire for Web Designers" - a free resource to help you get the full picture of your clients' needs.

Download the questionnaire and you'll gain access to a set of carefully crafted questions that will guide you towards a more aligned and meaningful web design process. Say goodbye to generic designs and hello to Bespoke designs that truly reflect your clients' vision.

Who is it for?

Any web designer that needs to dive deep, into their clients vision, brand goals and more. The questionnaire covers everything from basic brand information, to the user journey, their magic, marketing & design direction.

The template

The questionnaire is a pdf with 30 questions in total. It will give you the exact questions we use to construct the website strategies for our clients.

Add the Strategy template and save €15

Complete the look:


Build real relationships with your clients, ask the important questions and gain more confidence as a web designer.

Align with expectations and output

Gain important client insights

Understand your clients brand & business

Get the important information


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