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A little business therapy

Mentoring 1:1


A bespoke service just for you. 

Are you a designer with a desire for better clarity on your business? Knowing how to scale, grow, and attract clients, as well as identifying your niche can be the most challenging part of forging your place in this industry. But it’s not something you have to figure out alone. 

Our mentoring sessions are tailor-made to address your personal pain points and help you overcome any roadblocks you're facing within your business.

Bespoke sessions

Our sessions are one-hour long Zoom calls where we can discuss your current challenges and navigate through ways in which you can overcome them.

Please note that due to the digital nature of our service, we do not offer refunds. Once you purchase a session, you will receive a questionnaire to complete beforehand and a link to schedule your meeting with us. It's that simple!

after our session

We will send you any resources you need and follow up with you.

Bundle up

Lets work together long term. Add 5 sessions to your cart and get one session for free.

Instant download

In-depth mindset questionnaire

Online Zoom session

Achieving your highest vision for your life, requires a compelling future and a clear plan, but often we get caught up in our own thoughts and beliefs to actually step up. We need other professionals to help us get there".

This is for you if

You are tired of second-guessing yourself

You dont know how to attract clients

You are not sure how to overcome your challenges

You want an actionable plan to achieve your goals

You want to scale your business but you dont know how


What is currently holding you back in scaling your business, meeting goals and becoming the vision you have for yourself? We look at your limiting beliefs, the challenges you are currently facing and how you can overcome them. The transformation you gain is clarity, renewed energy and an action plan to achieve your highest dreams for you and your business.

Pick our brains and gain industry insights

Get an actionable plan on how to achieve your dreams

Set goals and a clear vision for you and your business

Gain more confidence with your skills & business

Overcome limiting beliefs


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